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Sara Grambusch

Book trailers are great. All Different Kinds of Free is on my list, I've been looking forward to it!

Paige Kellerman

Sounds like an interesting read. If I win, I'll definitely post a review!

Haley Whitehall

I definitely want to read All Different Kinds of Free! Love the trailer. It is the first trailer I've seen for a historical book.


The book's premise looks interesting, but the trailer itself was too sedate and not intrinsically compelling. I did kind of like the music once I accepted that it wasn't going to suddenly switch to something more exciting.

Carol Wong

The trailer was great. I never heard of her before. Would to read the book to learn more about her.


I thought the book trailer was good. I think it could be a little more compelling but it did capture my attention. The book's premise sounds fantastic and I will definitely add to my list of reads. Good job.

Tasnim Sheikh

trailer was interesting! added it to my to be read pile :)

C. Hope Clark

I love this trailer. It was nicely done and definitely drew me in to buy the book. Well done, Jessica.

Susan Marie Public Relations

As a human rights advocate, I will use this for awareness and its great to see people speaking and not having fear to speak in the face of their adversary!

Sandi LB

I saw an add for "All Different Kinds of Free" on the back cover of the June 2011 BookPage. I am an avid reader who makes suggestions for selections s for several book clubs I belong to. After watching the trailer, I am definitely recommending it for inclusion on our schedule. I haven't had a "loser" yet! I love historical fiction and I think I will end up putting this one on my "must-read" list for friends and other book club members.


I just finished this book on my Kindle...and I'm telling everyone I know about it...it was THAT good.

Patrick Ross

Jessica, as you know I love your trailer, and will be tweeting a link to this a bit later today. But I already own a copy of your great book, so if I by chance win one, please see it's donated to a non-profit providing books to underprivileged children (hopefully there's one in Phoenix).

Girl Parker

I have serious, serious goosebumps! I read up on the Court Decision and am just floored I never knew this story. My jaw is on the floor. Can't wait to read.

Mary Ann

I had already read the book, but; the trailer is so well done, I can see why it draws the viewer in and creates the desire to read the story. Great trailer and book! If I should win a copy, it will be donated to the library.

Jessica McCann

The book trailer has surpassed 500 views and we have our first winner of the random drawing: Haley Whitehall.

Thanks to all who have commented. There will be more chances to win, with each 500 views. So keep spreading the word!


This sounds like a wonderful book. I now have it on my wishlist at Amazon.

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