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Natalia Sylvester

I had a very well thought-out comment in response to this and then I read "chai latte cupcake" at the bottom and now all I can think is, "OMG I WANT!"

But I couldn't agree more on everything. Genre judging is my biggest literary pet peeve of all. I've learned so much from writers of all backgrounds and all genres; I don't see the point in pitting one against the other, as if one is superior. This applies not only to readers but to writers as well...it bothers me when certain genres don't get the respect they deserve--I suspect that people who make comments like that haven't even read books in that genre, and even if they had, who can possibly read enough book to generalize on an entire genre made up of hundreds of thousands of works?

Everyone needs to just eat a cupcake and chill.

Judith Starkston

What's true for cupcakes clearly applies to books! Good post.

Melissa Crytzer Fry

What a fabulous post, Jessica. Not only are my tastebuds watering, but I'm also hankering for some good fiction. I've only, in the past few years, branched out in the kinds of books I've read, and you're right: each offers its own level of satisfaction and lessons learned.

I think I'll take your advice and have cupcakes the next time I read! :-)

Jessica McCann (@JMcCannWriter)

Ha ha, doesn't a chai latte cupcake sound amazing? I actually saw that on a menu somewhere!

Regarding judging genres, I have to admit, I'm guilty of that myself from time to time. Maybe this post was atonement for that in some way. I agree. We all need to eat a cupcake and chill. And I'm working hard to follow my own advice. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Natalia!

Jessica McCann (@JMcCannWriter)

Thanks for stopping by, Judith. I appreciate the positive comment.

Jessica McCann (@JMcCannWriter)

Thanks, Melissa!It's hard, isn't it? We get so comfortable in our reading material and our tastes that it's hard to branch out. And yeah, now I am craving cupcakes in a big way. Only have myself to blame. ;-)

Hallie Sawyer (@Hallie_Sawyer)

I LOVED this post Jessica! What a great analogy! I think you are spot on when you say that we should embrace what we love whatever the genre and be willing to try the "plain chocolate" as well. I have been pleasantly surprised by many books I thought I wasn't going to like.

Jessica McCann (@JMcCannWriter)

Thanks so much, Hallie. I've been trying the past couple of years to expand my reading and, like you, have been pleasantly surprised by the results. Thanks for stopping by and sounding off!


Great post and oh so true. I'm so happy I've opened up my mind to so many different books. One of my favorites now is new authors...who knew I was missing so much. I like expanding my horizons!

Jessica McCann (@JMcCannWriter)

Thanks, Anita. You make a great point about trying new authors, as well. I think a lot of us tend to settle in with authors we know we enjoy. But trying something new, even within a familiar genre, can often bring a nice surprise. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


Wonderful post! I adore cupcakes and the lesson is perfect!
Sometimes we judge books by the cover or the label (we shouldn't, but it happens) and sometimes other people judge us for what we read. I adore reading- but my tastes run to the lighter side of books, the ones that make you feel all happy and cozy (although I do love a good mystery/suspense as well!) Through blogging, I'm able to experience and broaden my horizons. Over a year ago, if you'd told me about a historical fiction book, I might have crinkled my nose- now, b/c I'm seeing great books in that genre- I like it. While I welcome new authors to my book shelves- I never want to miss out on the old favorites- the ones who started my love of reading. Some days I'm in the mood for that chocolate cupcake- and others, that vanilla with the sprinkles and frosting hits the spot!

Jessica McCann (@JMcCannWriter)

Thank you, Tamara! That's the wonderful thing about books -- there are so many choices out there to fit whatever mood we're in. And the important thing, to me, is that people read - something new, something old, whatever. It's just so good for our minds and our psyches on so many levels. Thanks for taking the time to share your insights!

Lori P

What a yummy post!! Last year, I pushed myself into reading a genre I haven't touched for many years, murder mysteries. And I loved it! I totally disappeared into Louise Penny's fabulous "Three Pines" puzzlers that always left me guessing, as well as studying how she dropped hints that I completely missed. Entertaining and educational. You are spot on. Just read, people.

Also, my mind is blown that you remember the moms' names from back in fourth grade!!

Jessica McCann (@JMcCannWriter)

Hi Lori, thanks so much reading and commenting. Great point about learning different writing tricks by reading different genres. Mystery writers are masters are hint dropping, but that can be a wonderful quality in other genres and authors would be wise to understand and master it.

And yes, those moms were awesome, and I was friends with their sons. So they hold a special place in both my memory and my heart.

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